Monday, October 5, 2009

Celebrity (Civilian) Do's

Celebrity (Civilian) Do's is the the installment of my blog that gives my opinion on celebrity dress that can be translated and adopted by the ordinary man in every day society. Now I differentiate because, while some celebrity dress may be "hot" only celebrities can truly get away with it b/c it is sometimes very costume-like. So I will use celebrity dress styles I see that can give you some ideas for changing up your style :)

Rachel Bilson - I really do love the shorts, jacket, and boots looks. To modify for colder months add some stockings/thinner leggings and maybe even a taller boots.
Isla Fisher - For those of you who are confident enough to wear a leather skirt....rock on!! I love this look, and the way the blouse tones down the edginess of the skirt. Once again, feel free to add some leggings/stockings to diversify this look.

Sienna Miller - I love the fashionable simplicity of this look. However, I chose this look for those of you curious about the Lace Up Oxford style. It is really a great vintage look that adds personality to an ordinarily simple outfit. Be brave....purchase it if you see it in stores...Dare to make a statement! Of course, do not forget a contrasting colored, fierce purse :)

Gweneth Palthrow - Demonstrates the edge a simple jacket (right fit and length) can add to a jeans look. More specifically I love the cigarette jeans with jackets.
Think creatively and replace the jeans with some leggings and the pumps with some boots :)

Victoria Beckham - A diva in her own rights, shows you how to look edgy professional. I chose this outfit to show you how she tastefully used the a very simple, classic belt to belt her open cardigan and add shape to the outfit. Feel free to use a colored belt if you feel edgier that day.
What do you think? Do you like any?

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