Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Secret Love Affair ;)

I have a confession....

A few years ago I developed a crush on Kenneth Cole. Mind you, it was not the man, but the product. It was that first pair of Kenneth Cole shoes that got me at hello (It said "How are you doing?" lol!). It was perfection...sophisticated with clean lines and plush pillow comfort...a love affair ensued. Of course my student status prevents me from going into his stores and telling the assistant (in the words of MJ), I want that one, and that one, and that, hahaha! Nevertheless, when I find his shoes, purses, or belts at Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx the skies open and the angels sing.

Anywhoos, I decided to show you some of Kenneth's (yes I am on first name basis with him, who's gonna check me boo?) products to see if you will fall in love the way I did. Mind you it is quite ok if you do not love his products the way I do....that just means more for me :)

Share you thoughts :)
KC No Slouch Small Hobo $298
KC Twice is Right Satchel $298

KC NY Patch Perfect Medium Hobo $298
KC NY No Slouch Large Hobo $498

KC In a Pinch Medium Satchel $298

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Dare You Not To Look at Me!

This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend to a ball. What struck me most about the event (satorially speaking) was the power of a bad ass dress! (excuse my french but that is usually what women say when they see a lovely dress). What makes a lovely dress a bad a$$ dress is the wearer. Please note that lack of presence could lessen the impact of a dynamic dress. Vice versa, someone with confidence and poise can give an ordinarily simple dress high impact. In the words of one of my male friends, your presence should say "I dare you not to look at me" Anyways, I have been searching dresses online for the past few days, and I tell you what...if you have money, you can get some bad a$$ dresses online. This dress below is one of those that I hoped could appear in my house if I clicked my heel twice (tried it...didn't work lol).

Strapless Floral Structured Cocktail Dressesby Terani Couture $378

While I have not found the magical pair of shoes to complete this outfit, here are three options that could work :)

Christian Louboutin So Private Metallic Slingback $795.00

To complement the effortless, smooth metallic color of the dress.

Valentino Rose Pump $775
To combine the two main elements of the dress: the rose design and the silver metallic.
Louboutin Glitter Sling Back Heel
Christian Louboutin Glitter Sling Back Heel $775.00

To complement the crystal designs on the belt and sweetheart neckline.

Tell you love this dress?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too much HEEL!!

When I got a request from a dear (MALE) friend to do this post on "How high is too high" and "Appropriate Wedges" I wondered....what could have possibly ticked him off to ask me to address this unfortunate fashion faux pas. Was it the dreadful sight of seeing a girl walking, knees locked, hugging her friend so she does not make a trip to the floor? Or was the slim legged girl dragging her feet b/c her wedges are way too big for her feet to carry? Regardless, he saw a problem....and I have been a witness to such atrocities!!!

So here are my tips when it comes to heels:
1. Wear heels that are in ratio to your height:
Heels 4 inches or higher can only be comfortably worn by those average height or taller. I guess your heel should not be half your height lol!

If you are under 5'3 these 5 inch heels may be too high for you :) Let's be clear, I am sure even Beyonce is struggling a lil' in these and walking with a permanent bent knee lol! Thank God they have a platform sole for increased comfort.

2. Slim stilletto heels that extend straight from the back sole/edge of your shoes are impossible to walk very wary (I know this from personal experience). The heel should curve/angle inwards from the base or be thicker to provide the support you need to strut and carry your body weight. (Wedges are different).

While I love these Fendi Elasticated Sandals, I will leave it in the store, because of the heel angle and height. If it was a shorter heel, maybe I could walk comfortably, but this heel placement will definitely force me to walk at a 45% angle.

3. All heels (wedge, stilletto, square) must be in porportionate to the size of your leg and feet width. If you have slim legs then your stilleto/wedge/platform should be smaller, shorter, thinner, and more narrow.

While these Fergie Wedges may tickle your fancy, if you are petite they are way too big for your body frame. You will feel as if you are Big me!
Wearing a modest fashionable wedge like these Anna Hindmarch Gres is more suitable and proportionate for petite frames.

4. You may want to buy inner soles to increase the comfort for your feet. The solution is not to abandon beautiful heels, but adopting strategies to provide support and cushion for your feet. If your stiletto heel is really thin, place a gel insole at the heel of your feet.

Dr. Scholl's Heel Cushion Insoles
Dr. Scholl's insoles for High Heels www.

5. Not to have a biased post....let me state that regardless to size, height, and stature, we should all wear heels responsibly. Heels while gorgeous, and aesthetically enhancing, can cause serious damage to our feet and posture. So if your heel is wobbling to the side when you walk it may be too thin to carry your body weight, similarly, if you consistently walk at a 45% angle, your heel may be to high and poorly positioned (versus a more diagonal slant).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Girdle for Your ARMS!!

As we age the daunting reality of the pull of gravity becomes more real. If you are not a gym fanatic or have naturally built arms, you know the stresses of your arms swinging with the slightest movement. I heard of this really cool creation for those wanting to contain the jiggles of their arms.........It's called the Squeezy Tee, a creation with Slender Arm Technology. You can get multiple uses out of it namely:

1. Wear it as is with a flattering bottom piece.
2. Wear it as an undergarment.
3. Wear it at the gym to work out (increase the sweat)
4. It is stain free.

No more

The Jacket Challenge!!

So I know you have heard the craze over the boyfriend jacket look...with the boyfriend jeans....with leggings.....skinny jeans.....really you can wear whatever you like :) Now before you go out and buy a "boyfriend jacket" I challenge you to (1) look in your must have one that fits the look....from a suit at least; and (2) Just pull out all your jackets and start looking at them with new, more creative eyes. Oftentimes, you just have to look at your closet with new eyes and you will be surprised the creations you can come up with. Anyways, I will keep you updated on fashionable looks that can help trigger your creative juices. Below are some looks that are fierce b/c of a cool jacket :) The idea is to get your wheels turning......................and to force you to take a risk and buy that weird looking jacket in the store :)

A Ruched, puffed sleeve jacket can be used to for a relaxed look...

Gorgeous color, structure and details. However, this jacket is aided by that caramel colored chic :)
Please do buy a floral, colored or patterned jacket.....look how much dimension it adds to this outfit. Of course pair it wil a fierce purse :)
Please try belting your jacket for an edgier look! Ok rule of thumb! You must use/have a very classic belt (simple, clean lines....could have an embellished buckle)
Throw it over an outfit to make it chic...
Simple Chic look!
Go for the dressed up casual or preppy look....

When thinking of buying a leather a colored one :)

Neutral colors like beige, caramel, grey are great to create a classic look. Notice the flared sleeves, shorter length, and structured lines. A straight edged, open jacket creates vertical lines that make you appear taller and slimmer.

Prrrr! Never be afraid of animal prints...of course only purchase faux prints...don't want to be killing the animals :)
For a girly, fashion forward look purchase a softer, wool jacket with feminine details e.g. the edges
Everything is right about this jacket....the color, the puffed, elbow length sleeve and the big, open collar :)
Metallics....a must have for your night life! No negotiation....explore your fun side :)

While Rhianna can do little satorial wrong for me ....the key lesson here is to create a new neckline with a big, bold and edgy chain. Please note with a chain that size your earrings should be small.

Be that punk rock girl and jive with the bright colors!

Throw your boyfriend jacket on with anything. Add a cute edge by folding the sleeves. Examine jackets in the store to see if there is a bright color or patterned lining that you can fold and create a cute cuff :)
The lesson here is go for different....
I know you are excited....don't run to your closet....walk!
Your jackets just got some personality....I know;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No more secrets....It's Victoria!!

Oh my gosh!! Have you ever bought something other than a bra from Victoria Secrets? You must indulge yourself!! I must admit they have some of the most fashionable clothing on the web. Don't be surprised....they sell great quality items other than bras and panties.....check out my top picks for those of you looking for cute, fahsionable tops :)

VS Boatneck Bra Top $15

VS Tie Waist Lace Tank $68.50

VS Silk Twil Ruffle Blouse $68

VS Silk Corset Blouse $58

VS Silk & Cashmere Bow Back Sweater $69.50

VS Sequined Cowlneck Top $68.50

VS Ruffle Sleeve Tunic $58.50

VS Ruched Top $38

VS Drapery Off-the-Shoulder $49.50

VS Drapened Tank w/Knotted Strap $58.50
VS Dolman Sleeve Drapery Tee $48.50

VS Cowlneck Tunic $38.50

VS Cotton Modal Off-the-Shoulder Tee $32.50

VS Corset Blouse $38

VS Asymmetrical Ruffle Top $69.50

Don't just wear a top! Wear a Victoria's Secret Top...

The secret is out....purchase at

Gorgeous Chains

So I was going through one of my new, favorite and was just in awe of the gorgeous necklaces that graced my eyes. How can you deny these lovely pieces? I want them all :) What do you think?
The Aruba Necklace 23.99
The Jigsaw Necklace 24.99
Cardinal Points 17.99

Interior Design Necklace 19.99
Tribal Fusion 29.99
The Encrypted Necklace 19.99
Psychedelia Jewelry Set 23.99
Golden Laurels Necklace 23.99
Vintage Holly 34.99 Metalsmith Necklace 21.99
Gift Wrap Necklace 23.99
In Full Bloom 27.99
The Ra Necklace 17.99
Love in teh Time of Collar 19.99
Butterfly Effect 23.99
Sparkle in the City Necklace 29.99
Bead All About It 17.99 Wood You Cry For Me 15.99
Vintage Madison Avenue Necklace 23.99
Purchase any of these at