Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michelle: Hot, Shot, Not!

I miss talking about my First Lady Michelle! Such a risk taker, as you would see with the following pics, I will rate her outfits:

Hot - You smoked it Michelle!
Shot - The outfit has a shot, if only....
Not - Please Michelle, we love you, but we must tell you NOT to wear this ever again ;)

Hot - This black dress is classic, girl, chic!
Not - Not mater how many times I look at this coat I don't get it!
Hot - In charge and fierce..."who gonna check me boo!"
Hot - Very nice take on simple chic
Shot - She had a jacket on, then took it off for the evening portion. I would have liked a substitution.
Not - I think the combination of the unique checkered cardigan and gore skirt, while shapely, is still a not!
Shot - Big Bows are in, but the placement of this bow challenges my sartorial senses.
Shot - There is something catchy and alluring about all white, but I would go with a different belt.
I will let YOU my readers rate this one.......


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