Monday, August 31, 2009

Debunking Myths

Topic: Testing Skin Care Legends (MSNBC)
These following myths were addressed and expounded the link to watch the interview!

1. Does cold cucumbers work to lessen puffiness under your eyes? (Not exactly!)

2. Shaving your legs make the hair grow thicker! (False)

3. Shampoo makes a good body wash! (True w/caution!)

4. Does everyone need to use moisturizer? (False)

5. Does tweezing permanently remove your hair? (True)

6. Do you need sunblock indoors? (True)

7. Do cellulite creams work? (False)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrity Do's

Celebrities provide a very unique perspective on fashion and style as they have the means and ability to access a plethora of fashions and designers. Their desirability level is oftentimes highly judged by their ability to be fashionable.
This is how you wear a loose t-shirt and make it classic! Go Gwen!

This is how you wear a dressy jacket and make it look casual...Go Emmanelle!

Way to look casual but chic! Even with t-shirt purchases look for interesting details...Go Elle!
Make, short, cute, chic...Go Ashlee!

Who said you cannot wear black and beige? Combining these colors is a great way to keep a sophisticated dress classic...Cute Leslie!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Feet!!

Today I am blogging about keeping your feet happy in those fierce shoes. I have tried all these insoles and they work. However, there is a science to using them. Please read my comments and invest in a variety of them. You can purchase all those listed below at Target, Walmart, Aldo, and there are some other brands at DSW. Have fun with your Happy Feet!Sole control pads are fabulous for shoes with extremely smooth soles. The ones that cause you to trip on smooth or recently waxed floors lol.

Cloth insoles....great for pumps/whole shoes! If your shoe is slightly big, use these to take up the extra room in your shoes.
Cloth ball of foot insoles.....good for any shoes!

Insoles for sandals...just brilliant!! They are slimmer and streamlined perfectly so they do not show when you wear your sandals.

This is the PERFECT solution to eliminate the pain from the rubbing of your feet against your shoes. Place a strip under the edge of your peep toe openining, at the back of your shoes, on the inside by your baby toes, wherever it rubs and hurts....FIX IT!

Gel ball of foot insoles are great for shoes that have some room. If your shoes fit exact it is going to make your shoes really tight...BE WARE!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I must admit that I am impressed with Dereon's new line of styles. I have typically not been overly impressed with the offerings, but I found myself very intrigued by these urban looks. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DKNY's clothing really has a sophisticated and streamlined aesthetic. Any one of these items will be fabulous for giving a you clean, cut, classic edge!

DKNY Cozy Banner
DKNY Silk Cashmere Long Sleeve Cozy (multiple ways to use it)

DKNY Double Breasted Jacket

DKNY Skirt w/ Ruffle Detail

DKNY Large Printed Satchel

DKNY The Front Jacket W/Jersey Back

DKNY Wool Stretch Skirt

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do you have Body Image Issues?

While studying for my comps, I came across this journal article I saved in the first semester of my doctorate. My assisgnment was to write a paper on the way I viewed my body and the factors that impacted my body image. Body image issues or dismorphia (obsession with "perceived body defects e.g. Michael Jackson) is very prevalent amongst women and a growing issue with men. I think it is good to take a moment and answer these questions and figure out if you may have body image issues that are preventing you from being holistically happy. Body image issues affect your dress, behavior, personality and assertiveness in pursuing opportunities in professional, personal, and social settings.

Questions to Consider Regarding Body Image:

1. Am I dissatisfied with my body size and shape?
2. Do I talk about my unhappiness with my body? Whom do I talk to, and who might overhear what I have to say?
3. Am I always on a diet or going on a diet? Who knows when I’m on a diet and how do they know?
4. Do I express guilt when I eat certain foods, or do I refuse to eat certain foods while commenting that I am dieting to lose weight?
5. Do I make negative comments about other people’s sizes and shapes? Do I feel superior to them because I think my body is better than theirs?
6. Am I prejudiced against overweight children and adults? Do I avoid making friends with overweight people? Am I embarrassed to be seen in public with overweight people?

For Teachers:
1. As a teacher do I tend to pay less attention to overweight children in my classroom?
2. Have I ever been surprised when such a child, who I thought was not very bright, got a high grade on a standardized test?
3. Has a parent ever complained that I was treating an overweight child unfairly in some way?
Click the video below to learn about BDD: Body Dismorphia Disorder:

Keep in mind that the following questions could be extended to other body issues such as race, gender, and ability.
Source: Reproduced from Ikeda J. & Naworski, P. (1992). Am I Fat? Helping Young Children Accept Differences in Body Size. Santa Cruz, CA: ETR Associates.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


How often have we looked at someone from another culture and assigned meanings to their dress based on our culture. We oftentimes stigmatize others based on our cultural backgrounds and socialization. This subconscious act is one that we all need to check and realize that we are being ethnocentric! Dress is a tricky phenomenon, it is the most visible communicator of messages regarding one's demographics. However, decoding the meanings associated with someone's dress and appearance is a difficult and challenging task. We feel equipped to do so because we become so comfortable in our cultural stereotypes that we forget that in such a multicultural country such as the US it is almost impossible to pin point the meanings of someone's dress. My post is motivated by an article I read about a Sudanese woman facing trial because she wore a pants in public. Wearing pants in Trinidad and the US and more westernized parts of the world is common place, however, in many Moslem countries dress is very much synonymous with the widely held religious beliefs. After reading this article you may have that ethnocentric thought of "Thank God for living in a country where I am free to express myself!" But remember, while you think your world is normal and "right" others are looking at you thinking that your dress represensts a lack of modesty and respect.

The power of dress is deep isn't it :)
Click the link below and read!

Monday, August 3, 2009

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