Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Scoop on "She by Sheree"

So I figured part of keeping you abreast of the scoop is getting it to you earlier than the rest. So I found some pics of Sheree Whitfield's, (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), clothing line debut. Now, based on the progression of the show, I was thinking that it would atleast be well planned b/c my boy was helping her out, even though she acted like she did not want his suggestions. Anywhoos, she launched her line and launched her new beau. Sheree's inspiration is the classic styles of Dolce and Gabbanna. Her line was a combination of furs, satins, strapless, mesh, etc. I must say....she seemed to hit every fashion trend....good for her ;)

I have pics galore and I want you to check her boo and let me know what you think ;) Or and of course don't forget to comment on the Housewives outfits ;)
Sheree and her new beau
Sheree's entrance outfit :) Love the pink shoes!

Not sure where this fits in, but I guess she had a casual section ;)

NeNe.....she leaves me speechless....

Sheree and Lisa (Lisa looks really good actually ;)

Sheree's closing outfit!

Check out this video of her at New York Fashion Week:
So what do you think? Share ;)

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