Monday, October 12, 2009

Battle of Colors - How do I Pick???

Have you ever seen a style you that had a variety of colors and wondered..."Dag, I can't decided which one I want!!" I believe women oftentimes face this dilemma. While, this momentary dissonance may be uncomfortable and mentally is one of the most critically significant decisions you make when choosing what to buy.

Below are some guidelines for choosing the right color :)

1. What color is required for the event? (Please do not step outside of the color requirement and stand out like a sore thumb!)
2. Do an audit of your closet and see what colors you need and colors you buy way too often.
3. Pull at least five of your favorite outfits (tops/dresses/jumpers) ones that you get complimented on the most. Take a pic of them to note the color. These colors most likely represent your POWER COLORS (Colors that make you glow)!!
4. If shopping in store, try on a few colors and look closely to see the interaction of the color with your complexion/hue undertones. Some colors make you glow and some make you look dull. Stay away from those that make you look drab b/c they are NOT your power colors.
5. Believe it or not, your power colors lift your spirits! You will try it on and feel like dancing...or you wil simply feel sexier...or more powerful! Trust me!

Below is an example!!
Guess by Marciano Kate Sequin Dress

Rich black tones are great!!
Black is typically a hit on fairer tones b/c of the contrast in colors. If you are of darker tones (like myself) remember that black is fine...once it is not lots of black...e.g. your arms may have to be out and you will need to have metallic or colored jewelery close to your face to lift your complexion.

This color d/n have a high level of intensity, thus:
If you are of lighter complexion, this dress may simply look flush on you. If you are going for that look, your accessories must be dynamic but classic (no colors). If you are of medium-dark tones you have to be cautious that this color d/n make you look drab.

To purchase these dresses click the link below:


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