Saturday, October 10, 2009


So I was browsing for more affordable but aesthetically pleasing dress items and my eyes befell a dress that took my breath away...and it was under $100. Here it goes, with two shoe options!! (for those who love to have a theme going with their friends....I have included a bonus metallic dress for your friend). I say go with metallic this Carbaret!!!

I Heart Bebe :)

Bebe Solo Shirred Metallic Dress $89

Bebe Ava Ruffle Sandal $139

Bebe Lanier Pewter Studded Heel $179

Bebe Glitter Glam Strapless Dress $89 (Please get some stylish stockings with this dress it is a tad short...just a tad ;)

Bebe dresses will be Hot for the Carbaret....go straight to the dress section by clicking the link below:

I am here for you :)



  1. ...taking a break from this healthcare debate paper to comment on this dress which is so hott wuk! purchased a similar dress from an online euro site but choose a different shoe! but after viewing the silver shoe you posted - I'm like what de shoe is bad (how you dooing)??? might have to do a switch-a-rew...LOL! ~Dwan D. Newton

  2. that brown dress is gorgeous i love it, it is skimpy though. do you think someone would look like a hooker is she wore that?

  3. Anonymous,

    It depends on your shape (unfortunately), as everything in fashion does. The bigger your butt, the shorter the dress becomes. You can however, wear a complimentary metallic/neutral colored stockings to create either a monochromatic look or more importantly decrease the skin exposure :)

    Hope this helps, thanks for the comment. You made me think about blogging again :)