Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unbelievable!! Addicted to Beauty?

Are you aware that there are women who are so desparate to fix their perceived physical imperfections that they are trying DIY (Do It Yourself) Plastic Surgery! What the HELL????

I first learned about this watching some DVR reruns of the Tyra Show. Maybe I am late on this and I am baffled, but I understand. There are so many women who are holding on to the hurts and heckles from their childhood and teenage years. I understand...

I grew up hearing that I was thick like mud, my breasts were huge, etc. Thank God at some stage I decided to Build A Bridge and Got Over Those Heckles!!!

The fact is.....You Have to Believe You are Beautiful.....and insecurities breed addictions....which oftentimes.....lead to death. Think about it....but in the mean time watch this report on this sad woman :(

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