Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Be Transformed: Why Fit In when You Can Stand Out!!

Ok, regardless of what you think of Rhianna.....that chick is fierce!!! Of course, I am very supportive since she is from the Caribbean, but having said that.....she really epitomizes my ideal style. I just smile when I look at her transformation....so similar to many fashionistas' stories. You start off with a fairly good sense of style....but you play it safe b/c you have not delved deep into your personal style. As the years go by you get bored and realize that you are just not maximizing your potential. You go brave and start experimenting. Eventually, you become confident in expressing your individual style and you go brave!! Ultimately, you become a fashion leader as you play by your own rules!! Why fit in.....when you could stand out??? Be transformed!!

Rhianna early career 1
Rhianna early career 2

BE TRANSFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transformation Stage #1

Transformation Stage #2

Transformation Stage #3

Monday, July 27, 2009

How to walk in heels!

One of my most cherised friends found this video for all of us who love our stilletos. Please play the following video and assess if you are guilty of wrong posture and need to correct your approach to walking on heels.



Miu Miu Heels

Gianni Bini Bryant

Friday, July 24, 2009

Drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes!

No diets! No exercise! No surgery!......

Today I bring to you a new MIRACLE body shaper line for women!
Behind the Veil is asserting that despite your body shape, their body shaper products can transform your body in to a "coke bottle" shape. Now I am not doubting the supernatural ability of this body shaper, I am just stating as an Image Consultant I am obliged to tell all women that while you definitely can create a waist with body shaping accessories like a belt....the truth is that we all have different body types. The fashion media and propaganda will make every woman who does not have that coke bottle figure desire one...these products do pull in some trouble areas....however, I want women to love their bodies and remember that learning to choose the right clothing for your body type and investing in such, is a better investment than buying multiple body shaping products. Besides being costly....these bodyshapers can really restrict your oxygen...so make sure you get one that is comfortable for long hours!! Also, why are the models used on these sites never women with real body issues?????

Having said that, here the products from http://www.reshapingdepot.com/:

Body Fashion - $132
The georgeous strapless garment will give you the appearance of liposuction without the surgery. Includes 2 sets of removeable straps: beige and clear.

Body Magic - $140
This innovative creation will sensationalize your figure by reshaping you from your shoulders to your legs. Made of sturdy, yet lightweight fabric with a layer of lace in the front to give it a feminine appearance, giving you a sensational figure and attitude in minutes.

Plus Girdle - $81
Its main benefit is to support the lower abdomen. Gently designed to give an excellent refining and slenderizing appearance from your waist down to your legs. Great when worn with the Corselette Deluxe.

Panty Reshaper - $62
Designed with a soft sturdy fabric and double reinforced elastic band that lifts the buttocks, providing the needed support to prevent flaccid muscles and give a smooth appearance.

Abdomen Men's Shirt - $60
This is an excellent garment for men who want to be healthy and in good shape. This shirt gives you an instant form abdomen appearance.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dude why are you still single?

It is about that time when I do a post specifically for my male readers. The question I am posing to all readers is: Why is a seemingly eligible bachelor single at age 30 plus when there are double the amount of eligible women single? I am challenging you to please share you opinions on why some of the guys you have dated that seemed great on paper did not peak your interest after the first date. Now as a sartorial blogger, I am forced to focus this post on the dress and behavior, but hey I guess that is the whole problem if the resume is not! Here is my list of why these men (I know some personally) are still single:

1. You text instead of call! You are a grown educated man and you only use texting to get to know a girl that you CLAIM you are interested in. You go as far as asking for a date via text. While the chick may go out of boredom, she has definitely permanently removed you as a viable future candidate. My suggestion is GROW UP and CALL! You are coming across cheap or pusillanimous.

2. If you do call, you have nothing to speak about past a recollection of the day's mood and activities. If you are over 30 and educated you MUST have something substantive to speak about if not, that explains why you are single. I suggest listening to the news every night and making Barnes and Nobles your favorite hotspot to read books that can be the center of interesting conversations.

3. You are showing up to a date dressed like you are in college! If you are showing up to a date with a lady dressed in an oversized t-shirt, jeans and sneakers....that is why are you still single. There are a few messages being sent by your offensive dress, especially if you work in corporate America: (1) You do not care! (2) You are not cultured! and (3) You are clueless! All of which the average girl does not have the patience to deal with at your age. It may sound trivial and superficial, however that is why I do what I do, to emphasize how very important your dress is in predicting your successes. My suggestion....contact me :)!

4. You are a pincher! You invite a chick out and you (1) only let her know the date is dutch when you do not pay for her meal, (2) you ask to share a meal, and (3) you accept her offer to foot part of the bill. If you are guilty of any of the mentioned I suggest ONLY going on dates when you could pay for the whole bill! Well that is if you are serious about finding that special girl!
The moral of this story is that first impressions count...even if you believe it or not! Do you go to a job interview in sneakers? Do you use an indirect, passive approach with your dream employer to create a serious interest in you as a candidate?

The truth is if you read this and are guilty of one or more and think I am tripping, I will give you the excuse that maybe you are not serious about being in a long-term committed relationship. If you disagree with this assertion then I say to you: Dude that is why you are still single lol!

Below are looks that you can use for an afternoon to an evening date. Mix and match as you please. But hopefully this gives you an idea of looks that will please most eligible females!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leggings are the New Sexy!

Today, I took my inspiration from an Express email touting "Leggings are the New Sexy"!! Now I do agree that leggings are very sexy if the right type is worn in the right color, by the right people, for the right occasion. Now as an Image Consultant I am charged with the tricky job of helping my clients figure out which styles, fabrics, and colors are best suited to enhance their outer beauty in the best way possible! So let's talk about leggings!

So these are the Express Sleek Spandex Leggings (also called liquid leggings by others..same thing diff. retailers).

Advantage: Emphasizes your legs and gives you a hard, sexy edge! Solid material so you can wear them as pants! Difference between leggings and tights!

Disadvantage: Emphasizes your legs!!!! If your legs are not toned these leggings are going to highlight every dimple, cellulite, etc. The shine/gloss leggings can also make your legs appear bigger than they actually are!

Express Shiny Snakeskin leggings!
Nice print! Daring but not too eclectic!

Express Rattlesnake Leggings!
The lighter in color your leggings the bigger your legs look! Simple rule: Bright/lighter colors magnify, darker colors minimize!

Express Stretchy Leggings!
Simple regular leggings with no shine or patterns! These are great and tend to be less problematic than the shiny, spandex leggings.
Now I am an advocate of purchasing quality brands however, I stalk the sales to do so :). Having said that Forever21 has some tights not leggings for 4.50 which work pretty well for the price. So start there, work the style and stalk the brands :)
That's the Sc00p from the St00p!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 Ways to wear a Black Dress!

This weekend I was privileged to go out with some of my gorgeous friends! They both decided to wear classic black dresses to the wedding and they both pulled it off superbly. That got me thinking about this staple must have for every closet and how you can really create different looks with a black dress. My feature website for desses today is http://www.dorothyperkins.com/. Below are 7 different styles of black dresses you can buy and 7 suggestions for shoes to go with them. Some predictable some push the fashion edge.




Lavin Satin Ankle Strap Pumps


Teal croc patent http://www.dorothyperkins.com/


Fendi Elasticated Platform Sandal


Report Signature Masonic 2 Black Studded Sanals


L.A.M.B. Faran Taupe Leather Platform Sandal

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tired but Fly!

Today, I am tired, but I feel compelled to still blog about something. This got me thinking about that one thing that makes me happy and that makes an outfit fly without much effort. A fly pair of shoes! Even if you feel tired a day, once you have a fly shoe collection you can be fly. The key is to restrain yourself from buying UGLY shoes. Let's be clear....if everything in your closet was carefully purchased b/c it was fashionable, on your tired days you can pick a pair of shoes, wear some torn jeans and a fitted baby tee and be fly! So I am going to upload some fly shoes from my online collection....I hope this serves as inspiration to maintain a fly shoe collection!
TS Stealth Pink Cross Over Platform
TS Emma Cook Platform Sandal
Nine West Bonfire
Emilio Pucci Red
Charles David Spark

Chinese Laundry Catch Me
Taxi Confession Heels
BCBG Girls Ris

Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandal

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Oprah Effect!!

I was watching "The Oprah Effect" on CNBC last night, a documentary about the effect of Oprah's endorsement of a company's product on the success of it's brand. It was highly interesting because it always amazed me how Oprah has the most die-hard followers and she has created what can be called an "Oprah Consumer Culture!" I did not even know she was the reason Carol's Daughter, the natural hair product line, gained as much momentum and success as it did. I was not going to blog on this today, but I opened my email today and got an email from NY and Company stating that Oprah loves their Boyfriend Jeans. Hmmmm, 2 things crossed my mind: (1) I guess sales for these jeans are going to rocket out of control now and (2) How can I get Oprah to endorse my blog lol! Anyways, I myself have some boyfriend pants (khaki) but from Express (sorry NY and Co.) and I love them. So hopefully you may find you can work this style into your fashion arsenal. I don't know....let me know what you think :)

This is the way I wore my Express Boyfriend Pants

NY and Co. Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans endorsed by Oprah in O magazine!