Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Black Shoe Guide!

Regardless if a woman is into fashion trends or not, one thing the average woman would have is too many black shoes. Yes you can have too many black shoes, but not too many shoes! Black shoes are essentials, however, you need to ensure that you are not collecting a plethora of black shoes that serve the same function. Below I have categorized your black shoe needs and given you at least two in each category to help you differentiate when you go shopping. Key is to be appropriate for your setting, but still fashion forward!

CATEGORY #1: Your basic work shoes!
Promiscuous Doted On 33.70

Nine West begin $24.95

CATEGORY #2: Conservative black shoes with an edge!

Zebra Cap Toe Pumps 190

Bakers Sweety $79.95

Grandee Oxford Pumps $22.80

CATEGORY #3: Your Date Shoes!

JLo Shoes Darcey Heel - Black $108


Report Signature Watts Pump - Grey Satin $190

CATEGORY #4: Your Freak'em Shoes

Taylor Studded Peep Toe Booties $295

Bakers Chleo $79.95

SPIKE Gold Studded Platform 75GBP

Ok, so lay out your black shoes, look at them and see if you are in the habit of buying the same category of black shoes over and over and over again! :)




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  2. K. I took a look at my shoes and I may be guilty of always buying the basic black work shoe. It's so easy to get a shoe in black cause I think I can wear it with more outfits. Plus I do like that one classic traditional work shoe style. But next time I buy a shoe (black or otherwise) I'll give it more thought now as to the function and style and if it's adding to the diversity of what I already have.

    Thanks Rae.

    btw - I have that Nine West Shoe!!! It pops with jeans and a dress shirt!