Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taking Risks: Stockings edition!

A guaranteed way to add fab to your outfit is to wear some fashionable stockings. Now choosing the right stockings to give your outfit the added edge takes a little experimentation, however, when you get the right complement, you feel as if you have conquered a fashion challenge. This weekend I felt like getting creative with my stockings. Having done it in the past, I wanted to see if I could get the thrill I felt from the first time I took a risk with my stockings. I admit, the first time is the hardest, however, after stepping out on a limb, not knowing how your fashion sense will be received and gaining positive feedback, your confidence builds. So life is about taking risks, conquering milestones, and realizing living your whole life in a safe box is no fun at all ;) Below are my first and second attempts at taking risks with my stockings.....hope it inspires you to go brave with your style!

Attempt 1: Shimmering Hot Sox stockings

Attempt 2: Striped black and white Hot Sox stockings

Below are some stockings I picked out from a variety of sites to direct you to some good websites and also to get you to take some risks ;)

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey leggings $32

AA Faux Denim $42
These high waist stockings have been in style for a bit. In fact the first time I saw them being worn were by some London girls at Trinidad Carnival. These are sheer, however the site has some solid colored styles. Dare to be different :)
Forever 21 Preppy Fashion Tights $6.80

Forever 21 Zig-Zag Tights $7.80

Joy-of-socks Black Pop Dots Knee $10.50
Aren't these just the cutest ever?

Joy-of-socks Sheer Damask Tights $20
I love the sheer sophistication of these! The neutral color makes it complementary to many colors.

Joy-of-socks Dark Brown Tonal Diamond Tights $20

Urban Outfitters Novelty Mesh Tights $5.80
For those who liked my striped tights....not the same, but similar.
For my plus size girls, shop here:

Torrid Black Sheer Lace Ruched Leggings $28

Torrid Black and Grey Sequined Crocodile Leggings $28
Torrid Black Torn-Up Leggings $25
Express your style with your legs,


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