Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take a Sartorial Risk!

Each of these shoes has a unique style and flair. I try to choose something for every girl's unique style ;)

Marciano Tam Heel - Silver $125 http://www.heels.com/
Hale Bob Harriot - Zebra Boot $130 http://www.heels.com/
Fergie Merry Shoe - Taupe $99 http://www.heels.com/

Dereon Swinger Heel - Red $90 http://www.heels.com/
Bakers Crazy WP $39.99 http://www.bakersshoes.com/
Type Z Sari $87.35 http://www.6pm.com/
Nine West Vishnu $24.95 http://www.6pm.com/
Nina Ricci Floral Leather Bootie $1250 http://www.25park.com/

I know these are expensive, but they really do encompass the essence of this post!
Type Z Ravishing $35.97 http://www.6pm.com/
Oh Deer Brulee $86 http://www.6pm.com/
Irregular Choice Courtin $54.63 http://www.6pm.com/

When you feel to take that Satorial Risk!


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