Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pure Honesty is Beautiful! (For Everyone)

There is something to be said about being pure, open, and honest. Hey nobody is perfect and we have all been through some s#!$. I am just saying, when I looked at that Rhianna interview I thought one thing: she was so beautiful in her purest moments of admission. Let's be clear! While there are those who will say she only did the interview to promote her new album...I say to you..."ah yeah! she surely did! but, who's gonna check her boo?" But the focus should be on her execution and transparency. Having been through some rocky relationships myself, I commend her honesty and ability to be truthful, regardless of what you may think of her. The most telling moment and aesthetically beautiful visual for me was after she admitted to reuniting with Chris, but eventually left for reasons of social responsibility. She ponderously stated (not verbatim), "I realized that my selfish reason for love was not enough to stay. And while Chris may never hit me again, what about the girl who is watching me, (using her as inspiration), who stays in her situation and her boyfriend kills her!" Ok, let me tell you. Ain't no one watching that interview, at that moment, could say that that girl did not put much thought and sleepless nights into that decision to be selfless.

Translation to us (regular folk):
Yes, we are not celebrities and the world does not have insight into our darkest moments. But I beg you to stretch the boundaries of your role in society. We are all brothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, opinion leaders, and thus celebrities to somebody. We all have someone we admire even if it is expressed verbally or through the admiration in our eyes. This person's words and actions can influence the way we perceive things or decisions we make. Thus, we too, as insignificant as we may believe we are in this world, have a responsibility to be socially responsible. We must think about the fact that our decision to stay in an unhealthy situation, be it work, school, relationships, and so forth, one that we are clearly getting the sh#tty end of the stick, is influencing someone else who's looking and listening, to do the same.

It is difficult:
Yes, it is so difficult to live your life caring about the impact your actions may have on others. But guess what! Thinking unselfishly is what leads us to be happier people and actually forces us (1) to choose better for ourselves and (2) be blessed with so much more than we "thought" we had.

The sartorial twist:
Hey, but regardless of the stress in your life...take a hint from Rhianna....conquer it with style!! lol! Ain't nobody gotta know what you are going through!! Before you step out looking like you just got hit by bus, lost your whole family, friends, and your job....stay home! I have had my days of leaving my house looking a hot mess to get food....and I say to that Raedene, "boo why did you just not order take out?"

This is a great 8 minute clip that shows the beauty and strength of Rhianna!

She is so right, even the strongest of us have unfortunate things happen to us, however, we are happy it happens to us b/c we are strong enough to tell our stories and help others through similar situations!


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