Thursday, November 19, 2009


Are you the girl with the headlights? The girl who is always concerned about being in too cold an environment with a non padded bra? Or you may even be the girl who wears padded bras to prevent those speed bumps on your top, but still run into them anyways. Well, well, well....I have something for you! This post tells a story.
Below is a Gorgeous Girl #1 wearing Bra #1 (Tagless non-padded Haynes bra) looking happy b/c she either d/n get nipple-itis for this shoot, or she is wearing one of those lovely nipple guard petals to counter the rising of those speed bumps. She realizes it is becoming costly to buy nipple guards every month and hates Gorgeous Girl #2. Why? Well you will have to read the story under the pictures ;)

Gorgeous Girl #1 has nipple-itis....but not right now as you can see lol.....
TAGLESS® All-Over Comfort Wirefree Bra $9.99
She buys these one month.....
Bra Discs Nipple Covers Style $19.00
Or these whenever she feels flirty.....
Nipple Covers By Lauren Silva 25 Pair Pack Style $29.45
Or these for the times she goes "sans" (w/out) bra......
Braza Silicone Contour Petal Nipple Covers Style $12.99

Gorgeous Girl #2 has this sinister smile on b/c she knew about this Hanes Nipple Guard Bra all along and did not tell Gorgeous Girl #1. She is thinking....I am so catty, but who's gonna check me boo?

Hanes Beautiful Comfort w/Concealing Petals Lightly Lined Wire-Free Bra $12.50

I am not I am telling you......if you suffer from nipple-itis (nipples that get perky and inappropriate at the wrong times) then do yourself a favor........

Get the bra!


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