Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homeless Chic? Huh?

Some months ago I was walking on campus with my TA from New Jersey, and asked her about the tattered dress style of some passers by. To my amazement she sought to enlighten me, stating that this style of dress is called homeless chic! Huh? Ok, I am very aware that my primary socialization in the South (US) has limited my awareness of the breadth of up-North fashion trends, but homeless chic? The homeless chic style is a trickle up fashion trend from the homeless on the street. To successfully pull of this style you just wear oversized layers, torn jeans, washout clothes, etc. Now be mindful that the celebrities that don this style are dressed in thousands of dollars, however, I am sure you can pull it off for cheaper, ok! Anywhoos, she told me a pioneer of this look is Mary-Kate/Ashley Olson, so I have a few photos to introduce to this style.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - by the way....don't comb your hair!!!!

Mary-Kate Olsen - It is obvious to us all that the jacket is way too big and the pants are.....urghh no need to discuss this is what it is!

I put Rhianna in this category b/c she wore all black but dull blacks to create a washout look. Her boots are also a dull brown to complete the washout effortless look.

I am not saying try this look, as you are not a celebrity and may be diagnosed as crazy if you cannot confidently pull it off. However, I am bringing awareness to the fact that there are people who dress this way and may not even know that this look is a trend.


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