Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joy of Giving Back!

Since I have been in the US I have had many people give to me in unimaginable ways. The most beautiful gifts I got were that of kindness, love, care, and trust. Trust in that, I have had strangers open their doors to me and let me into their homes without thinking twice. I have been humbled many times because I realized that girls are fabulous. From childhood, I have always had fabulous female friends, however, I have learned that there is a lack of trust in American society about the ability to find good, trustworthy, "uncatty" female friends. This weekend I had the pleasure of giving back. Stretching out my hand to someone who felt the burden of not having cool, single friends to kick it with on the town every now and then. The surprise and gratitude of the girl, made me realize how simple it is to share your blessings with others. While I did not think twice about inviting this girl to our "freak 'em" dress girls' night out, her humbled gratitude reminded me that in life it is the small things that count! Finally, the most aesthetically beautiful thing on the face of this earth is seeing a smile on someone else's face and knowing that you contributed in some minor way to putting it there!

To those strangers (outside of my family and childhood friends) who walked into my life since I have been in the US and put a smile on my face, without any obligation to do so, I say thank you! Special shout outs below ;) (pics are limited to what I have!)

Love you girls!



  1. Love the entry. Glad that you were able to "pay it forward" :) I pray that as you continue on life's journey, you meet other women that you connect with and accepts you for the wonderful person that you are. That's all we can really ask for, right? Love of a friend goes a long way.

  2. I'm agreeing with the first comment "Love of a friend goes a long way". That's for sure and that's why we love you too Rae! Life is too short for drama.

  3. Rae-

    Your generosity and willingness to invite me to the party are much appreciated.
    I have known you for a very short a period of time but I feel so blessed and happy to have a friend a like you.
    May God continue to bless you and everything you do.