Friday, July 17, 2009

Tired but Fly!

Today, I am tired, but I feel compelled to still blog about something. This got me thinking about that one thing that makes me happy and that makes an outfit fly without much effort. A fly pair of shoes! Even if you feel tired a day, once you have a fly shoe collection you can be fly. The key is to restrain yourself from buying UGLY shoes. Let's be clear....if everything in your closet was carefully purchased b/c it was fashionable, on your tired days you can pick a pair of shoes, wear some torn jeans and a fitted baby tee and be fly! So I am going to upload some fly shoes from my online collection....I hope this serves as inspiration to maintain a fly shoe collection!
TS Stealth Pink Cross Over Platform
TS Emma Cook Platform Sandal
Nine West Bonfire
Emilio Pucci Red
Charles David Spark

Chinese Laundry Catch Me
Taxi Confession Heels
BCBG Girls Ris

Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandal

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