Friday, July 24, 2009

Drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes!

No diets! No exercise! No surgery!......

Today I bring to you a new MIRACLE body shaper line for women!
Behind the Veil is asserting that despite your body shape, their body shaper products can transform your body in to a "coke bottle" shape. Now I am not doubting the supernatural ability of this body shaper, I am just stating as an Image Consultant I am obliged to tell all women that while you definitely can create a waist with body shaping accessories like a belt....the truth is that we all have different body types. The fashion media and propaganda will make every woman who does not have that coke bottle figure desire one...these products do pull in some trouble areas....however, I want women to love their bodies and remember that learning to choose the right clothing for your body type and investing in such, is a better investment than buying multiple body shaping products. Besides being costly....these bodyshapers can really restrict your make sure you get one that is comfortable for long hours!! Also, why are the models used on these sites never women with real body issues?????

Having said that, here the products from

Body Fashion - $132
The georgeous strapless garment will give you the appearance of liposuction without the surgery. Includes 2 sets of removeable straps: beige and clear.

Body Magic - $140
This innovative creation will sensationalize your figure by reshaping you from your shoulders to your legs. Made of sturdy, yet lightweight fabric with a layer of lace in the front to give it a feminine appearance, giving you a sensational figure and attitude in minutes.

Plus Girdle - $81
Its main benefit is to support the lower abdomen. Gently designed to give an excellent refining and slenderizing appearance from your waist down to your legs. Great when worn with the Corselette Deluxe.

Panty Reshaper - $62
Designed with a soft sturdy fabric and double reinforced elastic band that lifts the buttocks, providing the needed support to prevent flaccid muscles and give a smooth appearance.

Abdomen Men's Shirt - $60
This is an excellent garment for men who want to be healthy and in good shape. This shirt gives you an instant form abdomen appearance.


  1. Facebook male comment:
    a woman should celebrate all her curves...and if she's perturbed by them...either do something or do nothing...not this...

  2. Facebook male comment:
    Another tool of deception for women to add to their bag of tricks like padded bras and panties...steups..

  3. Facebook male comment:
    Where is the body shaper for men???

  4. Well as I am Image Consultant I am SOOO GLAD to see that my male friends are telling my female counterparts that they love you just the way that you are :)
    Now Walt....I have updated my blog with the body shaper for the new daddy lol!

    Blog updated...pic posted!