Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fashion with an Edge? Mod Cloth

So I have always been interested in finding a variety of brands to suit my different clients personalities. Today, I decided to debut some styles from I like Mod Cloth styles because it is fashion with an edge. The styles are varied for that edgy girl who wants to stand out for her individuality and unique fashion sense. These are my top 10 picks from their catalog, but there are so much more, so check out the site!
The Phipps Dress $64.99
The Perfect Pencil Dress in Klimt $49.99 modcloth
Sangfroid Stripes Dress $43.99
Ferris Wheel Dress $69.99

Quadrophenia Dress $69.99

Hyderabad Nights $49.99

Fashion headlines Dress $52.99

High Tide Dress $74.99

Impression Sun Dress $49.99

Boulevard Before Dawn dress $74.99

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