Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Oprah Effect!!

I was watching "The Oprah Effect" on CNBC last night, a documentary about the effect of Oprah's endorsement of a company's product on the success of it's brand. It was highly interesting because it always amazed me how Oprah has the most die-hard followers and she has created what can be called an "Oprah Consumer Culture!" I did not even know she was the reason Carol's Daughter, the natural hair product line, gained as much momentum and success as it did. I was not going to blog on this today, but I opened my email today and got an email from NY and Company stating that Oprah loves their Boyfriend Jeans. Hmmmm, 2 things crossed my mind: (1) I guess sales for these jeans are going to rocket out of control now and (2) How can I get Oprah to endorse my blog lol! Anyways, I myself have some boyfriend pants (khaki) but from Express (sorry NY and Co.) and I love them. So hopefully you may find you can work this style into your fashion arsenal. I don't know....let me know what you think :)

This is the way I wore my Express Boyfriend Pants

NY and Co. Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans endorsed by Oprah in O magazine!

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