Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leggings are the New Sexy!

Today, I took my inspiration from an Express email touting "Leggings are the New Sexy"!! Now I do agree that leggings are very sexy if the right type is worn in the right color, by the right people, for the right occasion. Now as an Image Consultant I am charged with the tricky job of helping my clients figure out which styles, fabrics, and colors are best suited to enhance their outer beauty in the best way possible! So let's talk about leggings!

So these are the Express Sleek Spandex Leggings (also called liquid leggings by others..same thing diff. retailers).

Advantage: Emphasizes your legs and gives you a hard, sexy edge! Solid material so you can wear them as pants! Difference between leggings and tights!

Disadvantage: Emphasizes your legs!!!! If your legs are not toned these leggings are going to highlight every dimple, cellulite, etc. The shine/gloss leggings can also make your legs appear bigger than they actually are!

Express Shiny Snakeskin leggings!
Nice print! Daring but not too eclectic!

Express Rattlesnake Leggings!
The lighter in color your leggings the bigger your legs look! Simple rule: Bright/lighter colors magnify, darker colors minimize!

Express Stretchy Leggings!
Simple regular leggings with no shine or patterns! These are great and tend to be less problematic than the shiny, spandex leggings.
Now I am an advocate of purchasing quality brands however, I stalk the sales to do so :). Having said that Forever21 has some tights not leggings for 4.50 which work pretty well for the price. So start there, work the style and stalk the brands :)
That's the Sc00p from the St00p!

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