Thursday, June 25, 2009

What will HE think about ME based on my Dress?

Some will argue that dress is not an important determinant to how people perceive us. Some will argue that a focus on one's dress and appearance is overrated. Today, I thought about doing a little exercise by uploading these dresses as potential first date dresses and see if there is a something that a guy can assume about our personalities just from the dress or patterns we are wearing. Here is what I think, you tell me what you think also ;-)

Fun loving, relaxed, but slightly prissy chick! (

Earthy, different, deep thinker, type chick! (

Fashion forward, slightly conservative, reserved chick! (

Conservative, classy, reserved, chic, chick! (Ted Baker dress

Life of the party, fun, adventerous, edgy chick! (

Share what you think a guy would think about you on his first date with you based on any of these dresses. I think it is fun to think about how men perceive us....though we may be dead wrong. Maybe we can get some men to comment on this?

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