Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Defining Beauty!!

As an Image Consultant I believe that I am charged with the responsibility of uplifting individuals and helping them not fall prey to societal or their reference group's definition of beauty. As a foreigner living in the US I am afforded a unique perspective as to how beauty can be perceived differently because of socio-cultural and racial demographics. Having said that, I find myself trying to uplift that girl or guy who may deem him/herself as an inferior beauty and reinforce to those who become a benchmark for beauty that it is their inner beauty that has afforded them this longstanding rank. As a society it is important for us to understand that playing "The Pretty Game" is the Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere! There will always be someone who you/people may deem more beautiful than you are physically but there will never be anyone with your unique inner beauty!

So my goal for writing this piece is for you appreciate the concept that true beauty can only be achieved through the marriage of the outer and the inner. Yes, it is in your attention to detail in defining your personal style, however more important is your ability to be comfortable in your skin first, then your clothing! It is in the eminence of your inner beauty that you draw people to you. So think about it! Never feel that you have to compete with the person you deem the most aesthetically beautiful in the room because while you are admiring/envying his/her popularity and beauty you are slowly diminishing your shine. Give fleeting admiration and respect, but focus on having fun and emanating that inner glow that defines YOUR BEAUTY!

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