Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pushing the Fashion Edge!

Vivienne Westwood shoe $132 http://www.my-wardrobe.com/

Forever21 Belted Tube dress $24.80 http://www.forever21.com/

Liz Claiborne's colorblock long beaded necklace - $84 http://www.lizclaiborne.com/


Ok, so today while surfing the net I came across this Vivienne Westwood "Peach lady Dragon Shoe" on http://www.my-wardrobe.com/. While I thought this rubber upper and lower soled shoe will receive lots of "okay this shoe is a little out there" I felt as if it was worthy of being my fashion scoop today b/c it definitely pushes the envelope. Today I used this shoe as my inspiration to create a fun, summery outfit. That is all you need, a uniquely, inspiring piece!

Tell me what you think!


  1. Wow Rae...the show is somthing else!!!!

  2. Thank you Interposing Relay!
    I love that shoe too!! :-)