Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fashion Word of the Week: Color-ageous

COLOR-AGEOUS :Courageously using color splashes in one's outfit.
So, I am aware that everyone may not feel comfortable in this color combination and that some might feel that they cannot 'pull off' this outfit, but EVERYONE can 'pull off' color. This outfit is exciting because the colors do not match, they GO. This summer experiment with more things that go together. I admonish you all to be Colorageous.
That's the Scoop from the stoop.


  1. I love that outfit.....youthful, fun, exciting!Multicolored pumps will ad a really edgy look to complete it ;-)

  2. Yeah! Thanks Rae! It's really important to experient with color. You just might find your power color! Color here I come!

  3. This post was done by my other blogger Ayanna! She is great!