Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute Finds ;-)

These are some cute finds! I will leave you with the creative directions for the different outfits you can create with the right accessories and one dress ;-)
Spotted Feather Cowgirl Hat $10.80

Zebra Trim Fedora $9.80

Laser Cut Medallion Earring $4.80

Rainbow Thread Disc Earrings 3.80

Sam Edelman "Ginnie" Sandal 58.90
Floral Elastic Puzzle Bracelet 8.80

Women Miso Shooter Dress $44.12

Sam Edelman "Garland" Sandal $58.90


  1. Love the S.Edelman ginnnie sandals.

  2. Yeah, thought it was simple chic ;-)
    Glad you like it!