Monday, June 15, 2009

Pretty Easy Exercise for Girls!

Hi girls ;-)

Let's be real! You are the chick who wants it all! You are not a gym fanatic, in fact you hate the gym, you love to snack, but you always desire to have a hot rod body ;-). Ok, confession, that's me and about 80% of women reading this lol! The problem is summer is here and you want to wear your shorts and short sun dresses but you at least want your legs to look like you think about working out lol! Having said that, I have a strategy that helps me hmmm.....10%! I know that is not much but hey it is not like it takes the effort of working out! The "Pretty Easy Exercise for Girls" is called the Stilletto! Or Heels, yes it is as simple as that! You must wear your heels as often as you can, and when you walk or become stationary flex your leg and calf muscles. I know it seems silly, but trust me, if we think of ways to incorporate simple exercises into our daily schedules, we will make more progress than doing nothing. Below you will find my shoe pics for the week!

Report Signature Coral Patent 'Downey' Cut Out Pumps $105 (

BCBG Lexus Heel Sunflower $99 (

Victoria Secret Wide Strap Sandal $144.99 (

Report Signature Pamona Heel $169.99 or $89 (secret community). If you are interested in joining let me know it is by invite only ;-)

Daanger Purple Leather $52.46

Ok chicas,
Get started!

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