Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAs - Maybe Next Year Dress List

The Maybe Next Year List Year is my positive spin on saying.....Thanks but no did not impress me. While I believe the VMAs is a more casual chic type of event, there are some outfits that missed the mark. Some of these are not OFFENSIVE (my new word for unattractive outfits)....they just missed the mark for some reason! Let's get started...

Maria Menounoa (who is she?)
Yeah! This falls short because it is too much bulk for her body frame. From the bow to the balloon skirt...too much!
Jade - ANTM
Hey at least we are talking about her. While I do not think it is Offensive....and the shoes are is just kind of raunchy...but then that is Jade!!

Jennifer Lopez
Banging shoes!! However, the criss-cross suede thing-a-ma-jig....gots to go! Not sure if it is part of the dress or some form of cardigan...regardles....bye, bye, bye!!
While I love her bootsies....I really do not like her haircut .... and if you are going to have that haircut, you have to dress to match the personality of such an edgy cut. I think her outfit lacked the edge. I give her whole look a 6!

Anjulie (who is she?)
Anways, this is the most OFFENSIVE outfit of the whole VMAs. I really try not to be harsh on anyone's style since I understand that beauty is in the eye's of the beholder, and while I also appreciate bright colors.....this was way too much! The dress would have been fine, maybe with the shoes alone, but she still would have not been at the top of the dress list. Sheer or no stockings with a way hotter shoes!

Kid's Sister...(ahh who?)
Where was she going? Nice shoes, but....where was she going? OFFENSIVE!

Amber Rose-
Gorgeous girl! But this is the perfect example of Celebrity Do - Civilian Don't! She looks like she should be in X-Men. Nice Chain :)

Whitney Port-
I love Whitney. However, I think this is dress just misssed the mark with the Chiffon. Not offensive, could have been great, but just missed the mark!

Stephanie Pratt
While her dress is quite modest the shoes are Offensive or they look offensive on her feet. What I think is an issue here is the fact that her shoes are too clunky for her skinny feet. Remember that rule, your shoes' clunkiness must match the width of your feet.

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