Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Accessories make your outfit.....undisputedly!!

The wrong shoes, the wrong placement of a belt or size of a belt, the wrong chain or combination of chain and earring, can all serve to detract instead of enhance an otherwise spectacular outfit. Accessorizing is skill....and art! I have realized the challenge that my customers and friends have with choosing the perfect accessories to complement their outfits. In light of this finding, I will like to list some basic rules that may help you become an expert at tasteful accessorizing.

1. If your earrings are big, your chain must be small.

2. If your earrings are dangling and you must wear a chain, wear one that is long (hangs low) with the pendant hitting your chest or below.

3. If your outfit is flashy or has a busy print, your shoes should be simple, while complementary, and matching the category of dress of your outfit (casual, elegant, professional)

4. Excessive bangles, chains, or earrings make your outfit more casual. If that is not your goal....limit your number to 1/2 complementary pieces.

5. Decide if you want to complement or contrast the colors in your outfit. Either is fine, contrasting gives you an edgier look. (Bewared of extreme constrasting in professional settings...stick to modest jewelry....pearls, diamonds, studs, etc.)

Hope this helps....
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