Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Jacket Challenge!!

So I know you have heard the craze over the boyfriend jacket look...with the boyfriend jeans....with leggings.....skinny jeans.....really you can wear whatever you like :) Now before you go out and buy a "boyfriend jacket" I challenge you to (1) look in your must have one that fits the look....from a suit at least; and (2) Just pull out all your jackets and start looking at them with new, more creative eyes. Oftentimes, you just have to look at your closet with new eyes and you will be surprised the creations you can come up with. Anyways, I will keep you updated on fashionable looks that can help trigger your creative juices. Below are some looks that are fierce b/c of a cool jacket :) The idea is to get your wheels turning......................and to force you to take a risk and buy that weird looking jacket in the store :)

A Ruched, puffed sleeve jacket can be used to for a relaxed look...

Gorgeous color, structure and details. However, this jacket is aided by that caramel colored chic :)
Please do buy a floral, colored or patterned jacket.....look how much dimension it adds to this outfit. Of course pair it wil a fierce purse :)
Please try belting your jacket for an edgier look! Ok rule of thumb! You must use/have a very classic belt (simple, clean lines....could have an embellished buckle)
Throw it over an outfit to make it chic...
Simple Chic look!
Go for the dressed up casual or preppy look....

When thinking of buying a leather a colored one :)

Neutral colors like beige, caramel, grey are great to create a classic look. Notice the flared sleeves, shorter length, and structured lines. A straight edged, open jacket creates vertical lines that make you appear taller and slimmer.

Prrrr! Never be afraid of animal prints...of course only purchase faux prints...don't want to be killing the animals :)
For a girly, fashion forward look purchase a softer, wool jacket with feminine details e.g. the edges
Everything is right about this jacket....the color, the puffed, elbow length sleeve and the big, open collar :)
Metallics....a must have for your night life! No negotiation....explore your fun side :)

While Rhianna can do little satorial wrong for me ....the key lesson here is to create a new neckline with a big, bold and edgy chain. Please note with a chain that size your earrings should be small.

Be that punk rock girl and jive with the bright colors!

Throw your boyfriend jacket on with anything. Add a cute edge by folding the sleeves. Examine jackets in the store to see if there is a bright color or patterned lining that you can fold and create a cute cuff :)
The lesson here is go for different....
I know you are excited....don't run to your closet....walk!
Your jackets just got some personality....I know;)

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