Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrating Project Runway

I knew the day would come when I decided to revisit blogging. It is a passion that requires immense commitment and while your commitment may wane, your passion lives on.

Today, I want to blog about two project runway stars.

(1) Anya my country mate is speaking at the College of New Jersey about being in the fashion industry and her experiences as a reality star. The lecture will be held at Mayo Concert Hall from 8-10pm. I wouldn't miss it if I were you...she is a very smart, practical, and down to earth woman!

(2) Christian Siriano's collection. I loved this guy when he was on Project Runway. He was a skillfully fast tailor and confident as hell! However, he was sweet and produced fierce fashions. There is something about knowing your worth and being able to articulate your worth. We oftentimes shrink ourselves and undersell our strengths for fear that others deem us "cocky" but the only way you rise to the top is by asserting yourself as "top" worthy! He just released his 2012 Spring/Summer collection. I love the ease of his line and the inspiration from the Middle Ages herigaut with the slit and hanging sleeves. I have always been a fan of the shaggy styled skirts. His collection has a practical ease and sophisticated style.

Click here to see the rest of his collection and share with me what you think!


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