Monday, January 4, 2010

Step in Style and Comfort for Carnival!!

In Trinidad and Tobago the Carnival season is in the air. It is critical for any young female looking to fete for hours to have the right footwear to endure the pressures of the night. Below are some prototypes of shoes that can guide your purchases when thinking of the perfect shoe for your fetes. This weekend is UWI and QRC's outta the comfortably stylish!

Bakers JS Josephine $129

Great option for a fierce, strappy shoe. The straps are thick and they are close, providing a cage to hold your feet and toes in snuggly. Use insoles to prevent slippage.

Paris Hilton Flair $24.95

If you go in heels, choose one with an inverted triangle heel, this means that the part attached to the sole of the shoe is larger than the base of the heel. Also, you can never go wrong with a round toe shoe ;)

6pm Type Z Sari $87.35

Great combination of heel, round toe comfort and style.

Tramatic_Taupe-LEA_zoom $99.95

For the chic comfort and style. A platform sole adds more support and height. Use insoles to prevent sliding of feet in open toe shoes.

ModCloth Hera Sandals

Sandals are always great. These give you style and flair, however, feel free to add insoles to add the extra cushion they lack.

Taylor Studded Peep Toe Booties $295

These shoes are fab b/c of the soft leather material and non-restricting toe area. The heel is also of perfect height for a long night of dancing. Use insoles.

Bakers JS Lexi $69.99

If you are going to wear a strappy shoe with thin, high heels please ensure that the material is a soft or cloth material. Harder materials will set you up for a hard, long night.

Aldo Bastain $100

This is a nice alternative for a strappy shoe. The wedge heel provides height with more support. Please note that wedges have their own set of challenges, so wear your insoles. In addition, the broad, soft leather straps provide the best comfort when wearing a strappy shoe.

Be Safe..


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