Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sole Struck!

Yes, I have been gone for a while.  Fortunately for me, I have fabulous students who encourage me just as much as I encourage them! Today one of my students, Hannah, saw my blog and said that I must start blogging again - I made a pact with her that I would.  I must lead by example and encourage them to follow their whet to blog and make a splash as a fashion-blogger-extraordinaire!

Another fabulous student, Rachel, brought the coolest shoes to my History of Costume class to show me a modern day interpretation of the chopines shoe style from the mid 15th Century Italian Renaissance period.  These shoes were worn with a higher heel in Venice where the people were said to be the trend setters.  They were worn as overlays to women's regular shoes (flats) to protect them shoes from the mud - genius right? (Read up on it more:  Rachel got these shoes as a gift for modeling for this Washington store Solestruck - yep, my students are pretty talented!  Curious, I quickly browsed their site and I must say that while their styles are not for everyone, they definitely  caught my attention - I felt challenged, inspired, I felt like I was watching fashion on the edge. They have shoes with a unique design aesthetic for the girl who dares to be brave, fashion forward, Lady Gaga-esque I guess ;-)  and one or two for the more cautious girl.  Below are some styles I thought were pretty funky and some that I would wear.  (The first pair is the one my student got.)


Now, below are the ones, I may actually consider wearing :)

Why take my word for it? Jump in and check out the site yourself!

Now that's your scoop until next time :-)


  1. Superb! Amazing blog post professor! Continue on blogging! :)

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