Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make your body central focus!

My dear blog readers,

Let me apologize for being MIA. After traveling you have to re-acclimatize and get back into the flow of things. Anywhoos, I am slowly coming back to the job of providing you with cute options on websites that I believe offer a good variety. The website I am featuring today is http://www.bodyc.com/. I actually found the clothing offerings to be cute, fun, playful, and affordable. Below are some options, but please visit the site to see more ;)

CROCHET BACK TEE $16.50 http://www.bodyc.com/
PAISLEY CHIFFON TUNIC $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/
CORSET TOP $19.50 http://www.body.com/
BELTED RUFFLE TOP $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/
EMBROIDERED TOP $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/
RUFFLE FRONT STRIPED TUNIC $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/

PAISLEY CHIFFON TUNIC $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/

WOVEN ROLL CUFF TOP $16.50 http://www.bodyc.com/
LIPSTICK® T-BACK TOP $19.50 http://www.bodyc.com/

Once again, I chose a range of styles to best represent the tops I saw on the site. I will post some other stuff in later posts. But I just wanted to share with you a site I thought could get you started with preparing for you cute Spring-summer wardrobe ;)


Rae ~

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