Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bE sEXY!!

Below are the top ten trends that you will keep you fashionable this season. When buying a dress think of one of these fashionable current trends and search with focus. Please be mindful of your body type, however, be clear on what is In and what is Out!

Trend #1 - An Extra something!! This could range from a bow, to a flower, to cloth gathered/ruffled like this dress.

bebe uber zip orgazni dress $149

Trend #2: The sexy cutout! A focus on mystery....they see your back and anticipate your gorgeous front!
ASOS Twist Back Ponti Bodycon Dress $64.59

Trend #3: Something with sequins! A sequin dress/top is a great way to show that you are a fashion risk taker and confident in your style.

ASOS Rainbow Sequin Boob Tube Dress as seen on Alexandra Burke $84.99

Trend #4: Lace is sexy and tempting. This dress combines the popular trend of the scoop neck!!

ASOS Sexy Lace Cowl Neck Dress $64.59

Trend #5: The wrap style dress skirt. Pay attention, this balloon wrap skirt style is in with full force!

Striped Structured Alice Dress by Motel $39pds

Trend #6: Metallic and sleek. Really, do metallics ever go out???

ASOS Vero Moda Long Sleeve Metallic Dress $50.99

Trend #7: The Cold Shoulder. This throwback is really another way to create mystery without showing too much.

Studded Asymmetric Dress $495

Trend #8: Florals. Really Michelle Obama made sure that floral dresses were here to stay!!

ASOS Digital Floral Bandeau Dress $76.49

Trend #9: Sharp geometric lines and broad shoulders and hips. This boxy look is great because it is boxy at the top and bottom and creates a greater contrast for your waist.
ASOS Aqua Couture Pouch Pocket Stretch Dress $135.98

Trend #10: Unique Patterns. Just buy something with unusual patterns. Two colors are less confusing that multiple colors, however, take the risk!
ASOS Animal Sequin Bandeau Dress $93.48

Shop with a Focus! Be in style!

By the way, you may be thinking what is up with me and these European Sites. Let me give you the scoop, Europe has some of the leading Fashion Cities. Fashion oftentimes trickle down from European cities. I do extensive research, but these sites I endorse give me the best combination of style and price for my readers!


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