Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Feet!!

Today I am blogging about keeping your feet happy in those fierce shoes. I have tried all these insoles and they work. However, there is a science to using them. Please read my comments and invest in a variety of them. You can purchase all those listed below at Target, Walmart, Aldo, and there are some other brands at DSW. Have fun with your Happy Feet!Sole control pads are fabulous for shoes with extremely smooth soles. The ones that cause you to trip on smooth or recently waxed floors lol.

Cloth insoles....great for pumps/whole shoes! If your shoe is slightly big, use these to take up the extra room in your shoes.
Cloth ball of foot insoles.....good for any shoes!

Insoles for sandals...just brilliant!! They are slimmer and streamlined perfectly so they do not show when you wear your sandals.

This is the PERFECT solution to eliminate the pain from the rubbing of your feet against your shoes. Place a strip under the edge of your peep toe openining, at the back of your shoes, on the inside by your baby toes, wherever it rubs and hurts....FIX IT!

Gel ball of foot insoles are great for shoes that have some room. If your shoes fit exact it is going to make your shoes really tight...BE WARE!

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  1. I agree. We need to invest in "sole protectors"! I despise seeing ladies limping from an event, taking off shoes, or walking "bow" legged because of hurting feet. Thanks for the product list! Happy Feet - Fierce Shoes.

    Stacy Raphael Stewart :)